Rugby League World cup All Referees & Match official List

In Most of sports events like cricket, football or rugby not playing without any referees / March officials as their roles are Main in the events. How can a Match starts without any match officials / Referees.

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Rugby League World cup is originially schedule for 2021 but due to corona pandemic tournament rescheduled to 2022. As per Fixtures RLWC to be schedule to starts from the 15th october with England vs Samoa Game. Check out below the List of Referees and Match officials for the Rugby League World cup 2022.

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Tournament : 8 September to 28 October 2023 
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Rugby League World Cup 2022 Referees/Match Officials

Total of 52 Match Officials including referees, Asistant Referess and Television Referees list are as below for the 31 Matches fixtures of October – November 2022.

  1. Grant Atkins 
  2. Benjamin Casty
  3. Robert Hicks
  4. Chris Kendal
  5. Ashley Klein
  6. Liam Moore
  7. Paki Parkinson
  8. Gerry Sutton
  9. Kasey Badger
  10. James Child
  11. Anthony Elliott
  12. Adam Gee
  13. Peter Gough
  14. Joseph Green
  15. Marcus Griffiths
  16. James Jones
  17. Andrew Pilkington
  18. Geoffrey Poumes
  19. Rupa Hanua 
  20. Belinda Sharpe
  21. Chris Sutton
  22. Rochelle Tamarua
  23. Ben Thaler
  24. Etika Tukana
  25. Stephane Vincent
  26. Paul Wane
  27. Suzanne Abotou
  28. Guido Bonatti
  29. Roman Bykhov
  30. Jaroslav Bzoch
  31. Paul Causby
  32. Denys Cherniev
  33. Aris Dardamanis
  34. Yannick Dassi 
  35. Eneri Driu 
  36. Luke Fenton
  37. Oleksandr Ivchenko
  38. Cody Kuxmann 
  39. Fiona McConn 
  40. Marshall Nortey
  41. Tony Palacios 
  42. Warren Pretorius
  43. Senivelati Qarau
  44. Lara Saba  
  45. James Spencer 
  46. Stefan Stamenic
  47. Max Topani 
  48. Peter Trapper 
  49. Solomone Vateitei
  50. Peniasi Wara 
  51. Eamon Whelan 
  52. Kemoy White

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