Get ready to cheer on Team Scotland as they take the field in the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023! With a talented squad, impressive performance history, and an exciting match schedule ahead, Scottish rugby fans are in for a thrilling ride. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all things Team Scotland – from their profile and squad to their previous achievements and upcoming fixtures. So grab your kilts, wave those flags high, and let’s discover how to support our beloved national team throughout this epic tournament!

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Team Scotland RWC 2023 Profile

Team Scotland is all set to make their mark on the international rugby stage at the Rugby World Cup 2023. Representing the proud Scottish spirit, this talented team brings a rich history and strong tradition to the tournament. With a blend of experienced veterans and promising newcomers, Team Scotland is poised to showcase their skills and compete fiercely against some of the world’s strongest teams.

Led by an exceptional coaching staff, Team Scotland has been diligently preparing for this prestigious event. From intense training camps to strategic game plans, they are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for success. Their dedication and commitment shine through in every aspect of their preparation.

Tournament : 8 September to 28 October 2023 
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Known for their tenacity on the field, Team Scotland embodies true grit and determination. Their style of play combines physicality with tactical prowess, making them a formidable force that opponents cannot underestimate. With each player bringing their unique strengths to the table, they form a cohesive unit where teamwork reigns supreme.

Off the field, Team Scotland carries themselves with grace and humility – traits that exemplify sportsmanship at its finest. They understand that representing their country goes beyond just playing rugby; it’s about embodying Scottish values and creating lasting memories for fans around the globe.

As we eagerly await Team Scotland’s journey in RWC 2023, one thing is certain – they will leave no room for doubt or complacency. With passion coursing through their veins and national pride propelling them forward, this determined squad is ready to give it everything they’ve got on rugby’s grandest stage.


The Scottish Rugby Union has been working tirelessly to assemble a formidable squad for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023. Led by a team of experienced coaches, they have carefully selected players who possess immense talent and dedication.


Ewan Ashman (Edinburgh Rugby) 8 caps
Jamie Bhatti (Glasgow Warriors) 31 caps
Dave Cherry (Edinburgh Rugby) 9 caps
Luke Crosbie (Edinburgh Rugby) 5 caps
Scott Cummings (Glasgow Warriors) 28 caps
Rory Darge (Glasgow Warriors) 10 caps
Jack Dempsey (Glasgow Warriors) 11 caps
Matt Fagerson (Glasgow Warriors) 35 caps
Zander Fagerson (Glasgow Warriors) 59 caps
Grant Gilchrist (Edinburgh Rugby) 64 caps
Richie Gray (Glasgow Warriors) 75 caps
WP Nel (Edinburgh Rugby) 55 caps
Jamie Ritchie (Edinburgh Rugby) – CAPTAIN – 42 caps
Pierre Schoeman (Edinburgh Rugby) 23 caps
Javan Sebastian (Edinburgh Rugby) 5 caps
Sam Skinner (Edinburgh Rugby) 27 caps
Rory Sutherland (Unattached) 25 caps
George Turner (Glasgow Warriors) 37 caps
Hamish Watson (Edinburgh Rugby) 58 caps


Darcy Graham (Edinburgh Rugby) 35 caps
Chris Harris (Gloucester Rugby) 43 caps
Ben Healy (Edinburgh Rugby) 2 caps
George Horne (Glasgow Warriors) 22 caps
Huw Jones (Glasgow Warriors) 38 caps
Blair Kinghorn (Edinburgh Rugby) 46 caps
Ali Price (Glasgow Warriors) 63 caps
Cameron Redpath (Bath Rugby) 7 caps
Finn Russell (Bath Rugby) 71 caps
Ollie Smith (Glasgow Warriors) 5 caps
Kyle Steyn (Glasgow Warriors) 12 caps
Sione Tuipulotu (Glasgow Warriors) 18 caps
Duhan van der Merwe (Edinburgh Rugby) 30 caps
Ben White (RC Toulon) 15 caps

The squad is a dynamic mix of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, each bringing their unique skills to the table. With depth in every position, Scotland boasts an impressive lineup that can compete against any opponent on the world stage.

In the front row, we have powerful props who excel at scrummaging and provide stability during set pieces. The locks bring unparalleled strength and athleticism, while the loose forwards are relentless in their pursuit of turnovers.

The halfbacks are masters of orchestrating play with precise passing and tactical decision-making. In midfield, Scotland showcases skillful centers capable of breaking through defensive lines with ease. And let’s not forget about the speedsters on the wings who possess lightning-fast pace.

We have a group of reliable fullbacks who offer rock-solid defense along with attacking prowess from deep positions. Together as one cohesive unit, this Scottish squad is ready to leave it all on the field in pursuit of glory at RWC 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates on Team Scotland’s journey as they prepare for battle against some fierce international competition!


When it comes to the performance of Team Scotland in Rugby World Cup (RWC) tournaments, they have had their fair share of highs and lows. Over the years, Scotland has showcased their rugby prowess on the global stage, leaving fans and opponents both impressed and disappointed.

In some RWC editions, Scotland has been able to make it past the group stages with solid performances. They have demonstrated strong teamwork, skillful playmaking, and a never-give-up attitude that has earned them victories against formidable opponents. These moments have undoubtedly filled Scottish supporters with pride and excitement.

However, there have also been instances where Scotland’s performance did not live up to expectations. Despite their best efforts, they faced challenges that resulted in disappointing outcomes. Whether due to injuries or facing tougher oppositions, these setbacks remind us that sports can be unpredictable.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain – Team Scotland always gives it their all on the field. The players display immense dedication and determination as they strive for success in each match they play. Regardless of the result at any given tournament, one cannot deny their commitment to representing Scottish rugby with passion.

As we look ahead to RWC 2023 in France, fans eagerly anticipate how Team Scotland will perform on this grand stage yet again. With a mix of experienced veterans and emerging talents within their squad lineup for this edition of the tournament, hopes are high for an impressive showing from them.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Team Scotland at RWC 2023. Will they exceed expectations? Can they overcome challenges? Fans around the world will be watching eagerly as this talented team takes center stage once more.

Match Schedule

The eagerly anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and Team Scotland has a tough road ahead. Let’s take a closer look at their match schedule for this prestigious tournament.

While we can’t predict the outcome of these matches just yet, one thing is certain – Team Scotland will give it everything they’ve got in each game!

Stay tuned as we follow their journey through this exhilarating competition!

How to follow the team

If you’re a fan of Team Scotland and want to stay updated with all their Rugby World Cup 2023 journey, there are several ways you can do so. Here’s how you can keep track of their progress:

1. Social media: Follow the official social media accounts of Team Scotland and Scottish Rugby for real-time updates, behind-the-scenes content, match highlights, and more. Engage with other fans in discussions and show your support through likes, comments, and shares.

2. Official website: Visit the official website of Scottish Rugby to access detailed information about the team’s schedule, player profiles, news articles, interviews, press releases, and much more. The website is a treasure trove of information for die-hard supporters.

3. Mobile apps: Download mobile applications related to rugby or specific tournament apps that provide live scores, match analysis, post-match reactions from players/coaches/experts as well as breaking news alerts regarding Team Scotland.

4. Television coverage: Keep an eye on your local sports channels or subscription-based streaming services that broadcast international rugby matches. Check their schedules regularly to ensure you don’t miss any of Team Scotland’s games during the tournament.

5. Podcasts and radio shows: Tune in to podcasts or radio shows dedicated to rugby where experts discuss upcoming matches, analyze performances after each game while also offering insights into Team Scotland’s tactics and strategies.

6. Fan forums: Join online communities or discussion forums where passionate fans gather to share their thoughts on upcoming fixtures and ongoing matches involving Team Scotland.

Remember that supporting your favorite team goes beyond just watching them play; it also involves cheering them on from wherever you are! So make sure to show your love for Team Scotland throughout this exciting journey!