What’s The Difference Between Rugby League, Rugby Union And Rugby Sevens?

Welcome to the world of rugby, where brute strength meets strategic finesse and bone-crushing tackles are as routine as a Sunday roast. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes into the sport’s muddy waters, it’s essential to understand the distinct differences between rugby league, rugby union, and rugby sevens. These variations may appear similar on the surface, but they each possess their own unique rules and style of play that sets them apart. So grab your scrum cap and let’s dive headfirst into this breakdown of Rugby 101!

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What is Rugby League?

Rugby League is a fast and furious version of the sport that originated in Northern England during the late 19th century. It’s known for its high-scoring games, explosive tackles, and lightning-fast pace. Unlike its counterpart Rugby Union, Rugby League features teams of 13 players each, competing on a rectangular field with fewer complex rules.

One key distinguishing factor of Rugby League is its emphasis on continuous play without frequent stoppages. The game moves seamlessly from one phase to another, creating an exhilarating spectacle for both players and spectators alike. Another notable difference lies in the scoring system – tries are worth four points instead of five in Rugby Union and conversions are awarded two points rather than three.

In terms of tactics and strategy, Rugby League thrives on speed and agility. Players must possess exceptional footwork along with quick decision-making abilities to navigate through tight defensive formations. The scrums typically exclude contested pushes but maintain their importance as a way to restart play after certain infringements.

Rugby League has gained popularity around the world over the years, particularly in countries like Australia where it enjoys a fervent following alongside other major sports like cricket or Aussie Rules football.

So there you have it – an introduction to the thrilling world of Rugby League! Now let’s move on to exploring another variant: Rugby Union!

What is Rugby Union?

Rugby Union is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport that originated in England in the early 19th century. It is played with two teams of 15 players each, who aim to score points by carrying or kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal area.

In Rugby Union, the main objective is to score more points than the opposing team within an allotted time frame. Points can be earned through various means such as scoring a try (touching down the ball past the opponent’s goal line), converting a try into a goal kick, or successfully kicking penalties and drop goals.

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What sets Rugby Union apart from other forms of rugby is its emphasis on strategy and teamwork. The game requires players to possess both physical strength and mental agility as they engage in intense scrums, lineouts, rucks, and mauls.

The tactical nature of Rugby Union makes it an exciting spectacle for fans worldwide. With its unique blend of skill, power, and endurance, this sport has gained immense popularity across different continents.

So whether you’re watching international matches or cheering on your local club team at a grassroots level, Rugby Union offers thrilling action that keeps spectators on their toes!

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What is Rugby Sevens?

Rugby Sevens, also known as seven-a-side rugby, is a fast-paced and thrilling variation of the traditional game. As the name suggests, teams consist of just seven players on each side, compared to the 15 players in Rugby Union or 13 players in Rugby League.

The shorter team size lends itself to an exciting and high-scoring style of play. Matches are played over two halves of seven minutes each, making for intense and action-packed gameplay. The reduced number of players on the field means there is more space to attack and maneuver, leading to quick tries and dynamic plays.

Rugby Sevens has gained popularity worldwide due to its inclusion in major sporting events like the Olympics. The format provides a perfect showcase for speedsters and skillful individuals who thrive in open spaces. Fans can expect breathtaking sprints down the pitch, dazzling footwork, precision passing, and strategic decision-making under pressure.

This variant requires exceptional fitness levels from its participants since they must cover more ground with fewer teammates available for support. Speed, agility, endurance – these qualities are paramount in Rugby Sevens.

Overall,Rugby Sevens attracts not only die-hard rugby fans but also newcomers drawn by its accessibility and excitement. It offers a unique blend of athleticism,speed,and strategy that sets it apart from other forms of rugby.

It’s no wonder why this electrifying sport continues to captivate audiences around the world!

The Differences Between Rugby League, Rugby Union and Rugby Sevens

Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Rugby Sevens may sound similar, but they are actually three distinct forms of the beloved sport. Each variant has its own set of rules, strategies, and playing styles that make them unique.

First up is Rugby League. This fast-paced version originated in Northern England in the late 19th century. It features teams with thirteen players each and focuses on quick ball movement and end-to-end action. In Rugby League, there are six tackles allowed before possession changes hands.

On the other hand, we have Rugby Union which is more widely known and played across the globe. It involves fifteen players per team and emphasizes scrums, lineouts, rucks, mauls – basically a more physical battle for possession compared to Rugby League.

There’s Rugby Sevens – a condensed version designed for speedsters! Played with only seven players per team on a full-size pitch or half-sized field (depending on the competition), this form of rugby offers non-stop excitement as matches are just 14 minutes long (split into two halves). With fewer players covering more ground comes plenty of open space for electrifying runs!

While all three variants share certain similarities such as tackling opponents to regain possession or scoring tries by grounding the ball in your opponent’s goal area; their distinctions lie primarily in player numbers/positions and gameplay style.

So whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of quick plays in Rugby League or revel in strategic battles within scrums like those found in Rugby Union – or even fancy witnessing lightning-fast sprints during intense Sevens tournaments – it’s clear that each form brings its own thrilling brand of rugby to fans worldwide!


So, now that we have explored the world of rugby and its different variations, you should have a better understanding of the key differences between Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Rugby Sevens.

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